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Opel’s roots go back more than a century. More than 110 years of looking confidently to the future, of putting all our energy into making your drive more rewarding. More than 110 years of passionate engineering summarized in the three words of our guiding principle: “Wir leben Autos”


Wir leben Autos” not only refers to our German roots, it also expresses the passion that influences everything we do. We don’t just build cars – we live for cars. The slogan stands for our fundamental values: German engineering and precision, combined with inspiring design and innovations suitable for everyday use.


The “Wir” communicates our shared enthusiasm and a strong positive “can do” attitude that enables us to develop clever, surprising and innovative products for our consumers. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated, honestly. Therefore we build our business relationships on the same basis as we build our friendships and our cars: with integrity and trust. We listen to our customers and put the lessons learned from their personal experiences into our vehicles to make their daily mobility and everyday lives easier.


But we do not only build cars, we live for cars and the word “leben” expresses our high level of energy which can be felt by everyone whose life is touched by an Opel. Our award-winning range of vehicles is capturing the imagination of drivers all across Europe and the world with inspiring design, enganging drive and practical innovations.


Last, but not least we also believe that in the future “Autos” will mean much more to people than just transportation. Opel cars are not just about driving, but an essential part of our everyday lives . For our customers, that means vehicles that are dependable and sustainable. Above all, it means ownership of excellent quality at an appealing price.


„Wir leben Autos” is our passion, our drive, our involvement, our attention to detail, our responsibility, our intention and – yes – our confidence. This is who we are.


Opel. Wir leben Autos.

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