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More than Just a Dream: Movie Premiere for the Opel GT Concept

Feb 25, 2016

  • Bridge building: 78-second film connects Opel’s heritage to the current era
  • Message: “If you can dream it, you can create it.”

Opel News - Movie star: New GT Concept meets the original GT in a 78-second film that connects Opel’s heritage to the current era

Rüsselsheim. Fans eagerly waiting for the world premiere of the Opel GT Concept at the Geneva Motor Show (March 3 to 13) can already get another glimpse of the sportscar in a new video. As can be expected from a true dream car, the puristic concept appears in a dream, electrifyingly wakens all senses, seems to whisper “Come on, drive me!” and then weightlessly floats into the life of the automotive aesthete. The dream then becomes reality on film: the door opens, the fan becomes the driver – and the GT Concept accelerates into the pulsating city.


The film is the overture for the world premiere of the GT Concept at the 86th Geneva Motor Show. The sportscar of the future will continue the brand’s long and successful concept car tradition that started with the Experimental GT in 1965. Those looking very closely will see the new Opel GT Concept briefly meet the historic Opel GT during the film.

“The GT Concept will set the trend for further developments of the brand and shows the design philosophy for our future models: expressive, highly emotional and sporty,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller. “The GT Concept also pays homage to the iconic Opel GT and is a brand statement for the future.”


“If you can dream it, you can create it” is the message of the 78-second film that can now be viewed on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The film, created under the guidance of Hanna Maria Heidrich and Scholz & Friends, shows how a car with almost supernatural abilities can access its driver’s dreams. The scenario is stylish and puristic while giving the dream car enough space to unfold and develop its full appeal.


The GT Concept with a front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive takes Opel’s sculptural design philosophy to the next level. The sportscar is avant-garde yet puristic. It has no door handles or exterior door mirrors, and no superfluous decorative elements. The long bonnet, ultra-short overhangs as well as the bold red signature line embody pure dynamism. The absence of a trunk lid, the central dual exhaust, the spoke design of the steering wheel and of course, the name all refer to the original GT. However, the GT Concept does not simply mime its ancestor: it re-invents the innovative, daring and exciting spirit of the original GT without any sign of retro-design.