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Relaxing Start to the Vacation: Clever Opel Accessories for the Trip

Apr 20, 2016

  • FlexOrganizer: Storage system for great variety and flexibility
  • FlexConnect and Opel OnStar: Outstanding entertainment and connectivity
  • FlexFix: Safe and back-friendly transportation thanks to integrated bicycle carrier

Opel News - Relaxing trip: The new Opel Astra Sports Tourer comes with a wide array of travel accessories

Rüsselsheim. “Pardon? We need to take all of that? Impossible!” Many people will already be dreading packing the car before leaving on vacation with the family. However, this is completely unnecessary because of the Opel-developed accessories that put an end to this kind of chaos. Special brackets, separation bars or nets ensure that all utensils can not only be stored safely but that the most important things are always easily accessible. After all, travelling by car has many advantages, especially for families with children. Everything from strollers to bicycles right up to hiking sticks can be packed. And those who decide to take advantage of the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar can score double points. It not only provides an additional safety net but also ensures that the entire family can enjoy the powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to seven mobile devices during the trip.


“Our portfolio of clever equipment and accessory features consists of more than 50 product families including our FlexOrganizer packages. They ensure a tidy loading area and also increase safety,” says Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales & Aftersales. “My personal recommendation for long journeys with children is the FlexConnect adapter, which enables you to attach a tablet to the front headrest so that the kids can enjoy entertainment programs in the back seat.”

Safety first when packing

Opel News - Safely stowed: The Opel developed FlexOrganizer partition net ensures that cases do not move around

People packing their car for a journey should also think about safety first because unsecured luggage can become a dangerous projectile in case of emergency braking. The FlexOrganizer package available starting at just €125 (all prices RRP including VAT in Germany) extra cost as an option for new-vehicle purchases of the new Astra Sports Tourer, the Insignia Sports Tourer and Country Tourer as well as the Zafira Tourer provides the perfect solution. It comes with seamlessly adjustable fastening belts that can be used to strap objects to the side rails. The useful pouch-like side netting or the watertight stowage box keep small items such as the first aid kit or the warning triangle in the right place. The Opel developed FlexOrganizer partition net or the FlexRail divider can split the trunk into two separate areas to prevent bags or cases from slipping around. This not only increases the functionality of the loading space, the various elements also organize even large luggage compartments and protect them from scratches. A further advantage is that the first aid kit, the warning triangle and the high visibility vests are always accessible and not buried under the rest of the luggage.

Opel News - Clever partition: The FlexRail divider can split the trunk into separate areas to prevent bags or cases from slipping around

The moveable FlexFloor trunk floor is ergonomically valuable. The trunk floor covered in velour enables simple loading and unloading of the Insignia Sports Tourer and can be ordered in black or brown. It can be extended by 40 centimeters and can take weights of up to 120 kilograms, ensuring that especially heavy pieces of luggage do not need to be heaved into the trunk.


Small items such as cuddly toys, books and other toys can be stored in a transportation box with lid for the back seats. Kids thus always know where to look for their favorite toy and no longer need to ask: “Where is my teddy?” A special trunk box was developed for the Opel ADAM. It comes in three different designs befitting the individualization champion. The box is lined with carpet and can be divided into three separate compartments. Notepads, pens, tissues or cosmetics can all be stowed orderly in almost all Opel models thanks to a special cup holder insert.

FlexConnect makes travelling more enjoyable

Opel News - Car cinema: When the FlexConnect adapter is combined with an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet holder passengers in the rear can enjoy the entertainment offering

Elsewhere Opel also offers clever modern infotainment solutions such as the FlexDock mounting for smartphones that is available in the Opel ADAM, Corsa and Zafira Tourer. Fixed to the instrument panel, it enable the smartphone to be used as a navigation system. Another advantage of FlexDock is that it recharges smartphones without any additional cables.


The FlexConnect adapter is another all-rounder that makes travelling safer and more entertaining in most Opel models. A hook on the adapter, which is attached to the front seat headrests, ensures that bags do not fly through the air when braking sharply. Combined with an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet holder children can enjoy the entertainment offering in the back and parents are thus treated to a relaxing journey. The choice is increased even further with Opel OnStar and the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot enables a wide array of internet applications in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the UK (additional countries with powerful reception to follow).

FlexFix enables a family cycling holiday

Opel News - For adventurers: The FlexFix carrier systems is also available for the Opel Mokka

Once at the desired destination many families like to relax with bicycle rides. The fully integrated FlexFix carrier system developed by Opel makes this possible. Bikes for up to four people can be transported easily and safely to the holiday destination. The bicycle carrier is operational in a matter of seconds and does not require any specific tools. When not required it disappears under the rear bumper. The patented Opel system is available for prices starting at €590 for the ADAM, Corsa, Meriva, Mokka and Zafira Tourer.