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Statement on Reports from DUH, “Monitor” and “Der Spiegel”

May 12, 2016

Opel News - Opel statement

Rüsselsheim. Opel once again wants to stress the fact that we do not deploy any software that recognizes whether a car is undergoing an exhaust emissions test.


This statement is backed by extensive tests conducted in various countries – for example in the report of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure published on April 22. The report of the German authority concludes that during the field study – apart from certain cars of a competitor – no other vehicle has been found that has an illegal defeat device. Commissions in France and the United Kingdom already came to the same conclusion.


We fully cooperated and supplied the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) with extensive data in the fall of last year to support the comprehensive analysis of the German authorities.


Our software was never designed to cheat or deceive.


Test methods and protocols of the activities by DUH/Monitor/Spiegel were not shared with Opel which does not allow us to evaluate the outcome. Based on our own and independent measurements and on the experience with experiments published by DUH before, we do not believe that these results are objective or scientifically founded.


Tailpipe emissions control systems are complicated and integrated. Multiple parameters, e.g. engine speed, load, rpm, altitude and temperature, play a role and are intertwined.

This complex system cannot be cut into single parameters. The interaction is to be understood holistically in combination of conditions and elements of the control system.


The results of the official tests that have been published in recent weeks clearly show the well-known and well-understood differences between the performance of vehicles in the current lab-based emissions test, which is in urgent need of reform, and in road test conditions.


The introduction of RDE (Real Driving Emissions) testing next year begins to address these differences. We are actively engaged in the discussion on RDE.


We are convinced that the industry has to regain trust by increasing the transparency with customers and authorities; and we have taken definitive steps in this direction. We already announced in December that we will be taking the next voluntary step towards future emission standards as of the summer of 2016 – both on CO2 and NOx.


More information on our comprehensive transparency offensive can be found under the following links: