Opel Design - Exterior Design : ADAM red dot award 2013
Opel Design - Interior Design

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Our new design language has unleashed an avalanche of awards. It started with the launch of the Opel Insignia in 2009, and has continued with the Astra, Meriva, Zafira Tourer, Mokka, ADAM, and the Cascada convertible. We are proud that awards don’t all come from automotive experts alone but also from the general public. After all, that’s who we make the cars for. The overwhelmingly positive response gives us more confidence to continue developing clever, surprising and innovative vehicles.


Distinctive signature lights

The new look is as distinctive by night as by day. The signature wing graphic on the daylight running lights is echoed in the rear lamps. You also find this dynamic theme the interiors, flowing from the front of the instrument panel.


Sculptural artistry meets German precision

Smooth, soft shapes meet precise, sharply drawn lines. Elegant flowing forms give a muscular, dynamic feel that highlights the technical innovation of the car. We want our design language to emphasize the two most important elements of a car: technical precision and emotion.


Aerodynamic advantage

Cutting through the air accounts for 13 percent of all fuel consumed by the average car. That means good aerodynamics make a big difference in your wallet. But designing for efficient aerodynamics is both art and science. For example, the Opel Astra spent 600 hours in the wind tunnel honing its sleek shape. And the ecoFLEX version has an active aero shutter fitted to the front grille that automatically closes at higher speeds to smooth the airflow.