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New design language

See what you win when emotion meets technology.

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HMI & Infotainment

The display and the most important functions of your smartphone on the touchscreen of your car.

Car meets smartphone


However attractive a car may be on the outside, as a driver, you see it mainly from inside. You spend many hours behind the wheel. That’s why everything must be right on the inside. Because that’s where you will really appreciate the quality of the design, the materials and the equipment.


Signature shapes on the interior

You’ll find many of the bold design elements of the exterior reappearing on the inside: the wing and blade shapes, for example, are reinterpreted as gently rounded forms that give a protective feeling but also create lots of space.


Quality materials for your comfort

The inside of an Opel is a very special environment. We pay careful attention to the tactile experience in the car. All of the materials work together to create a harmonious sensation and welcome you and your passengers. Everything you touch has a refined, sophisticated feel. The quality of the materials is evident in such things as the grained, soft-touch surfaces, the textured panels, the quality of the décor, the chrome trim elements, and the feel of operating buttons and switches. Special nanotechnology coatings make fabrics both stain-resistant and water-repellent without compromising their “breathing” qualities.


Ergonomic cockpit

Get inside an Opel and feel firmly in control yet comfortable and relaxed. The seats give excellent support thanks to industry-best adjustment ranges. The instruments are clearly displayed and the controls are placed within easy reach. The center console is angled towards the driver’s position to give you even better view and reach. Everything has its place; practical storage spaces solve everyday needs in the easiest way possible.