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From the very beginning, Opel’s design has been defined by its emotional appeal and advanced engineering. Discover the illustrious heritage that lead up to the new design language of sculptural artistry combined with German precision.

Design Milestones - 1966 Kadett B Coupe

2014 Astra OPC Extreme

Derived from the Astra Cup race car, the Opel Astra OPC Extreme is the fastest and most powerful street legal Astra ever. Refined aerodynamics, efficient roof spoiler, carbon-fiber wheels and body components, plus the safety cage with special Recaro sports seats set the scene for an extreme driving experience.

Design Milestones - 1966 Kadett B Coupe

2013 Monza Concept

The Monza Concept shows what Opel customers can expect in the future: breath taking design and a radically new world of instruments and infotainment. With superior aerodynamics, a mix of lightweight materials and sustainable powertrain solutions, the Monza Concept also demonstrates outstanding efficiency.

Opel Design Milestones - 2012 ADAM

2012 ADAM

Impressively dynamic and infinitely personal, the Opel ADAM brought the ultimate in automotive self-expression to the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The perfect city car, fresh, individual, and chic, and always moving to the beat of creativity.

Opel Design Milestones - 2012 Cascada

2012 Cascada

Sleek, elegant and desirable, the Opel Cascada recreates the glamour of the soft top in a new way. A superbly engineered and equipped car that redefines the role of the convertible as a practical year round car, while keeping faith with the Opel philosophy of creating affordable and attainable dream cars.

Opel Innovation - 2012 Mokka

2012 Mokka

All the appeal of a full-sized SUV made smaller, more economical and more practical. The Opel Mokka created a new class for go-anywhere motoring. The perfect country car for the city or the perfect city car for the country? Either way, a winner from the word go.

Opel Design Milestones - 2010 GTC Paris

2010 GTC Paris

Presented at the Paris Motor Show, this concept is built to express the most emotional side of the Opel brand. The three-door hatch is pure but sporty, simple but expressive and at the same time bold and iconic. Keeping in line with Opel’s DNA, it is an achievable dream car, conceived to showcase an energized brand.

Opel Design Milestones - 2010 Flextreme GT/E

2010 Flextreme GT/E

The Opel Flextreme GT/E concept visualizes the qualities that characterize the re-energized Opel brand: High emotional appeal, efficient environmental performance and expressive design – engineered with German precision.

Opel Design Milestones - 2010 Meriva

2010 Meriva

The Meriva carries forward Opel’s award-winning design language – sculptural artistry meets German precision – successfully introduced with the Insignia in 2008 and the Astra last year. In addition to expressive looks, Meriva offers innovative functions – such as the FlexSpace® rear seating system, the rear-hinged FlexDoors®, and the adaptable FlexRail® cabin storage system – which make it the flexibility champion in the car industry.

Design Milestones - 2009 New Astra

2009 New Astra

The new Opel Astra brings into the compact class its own interpretation of the brand’s award-winning design language. Its strong coupé-like silhouette and elegant details give the car a fresh sporty look. Elegant proportions provide a strong, cab-forward silhouette, with a steeply-raked windshield and falling rear roofline, adding visual excitement to the traditional hatchback format.

Design Milestones - 2008 Insignia

2008 Insignia

Opel’s new top model, the Insignia, debuts at the London International Motor Show. With its groundbreaking design and sophisticated technology, the Insignia makes a quantum leap toward rejuvenating the brand. Shortly afterwards it is named Car of the Year 2009 for its style and its innovation, safety and comfort. Insignia embodies the new design language of “sculptural artistry meets German precision”.

Design Milestones - 2007 Flextreme

2007 Flextreme

The Flextreme concept car is the first application of GM’s and Opel’s ground-breaking E-Flex electric propulsion system. It also takes the new design language debuted in the GTC Coupé one step further. With rear-hinged back doors that enable comfortable access to the interior, a large transparent roof and two rear tailgates that open from the side and swing upwards in gull wing style, the concept car continues Opel’s tradition of particularly flexible and practical body concepts.

Design Milestones - 1999 Zafira

1999 Zafira

Its secret is called Flex7. Thanks to this exclusive system, it is possible to turn the Zafira from a 2 to a 7-seater (and vice-versa) in an instant, without dismantling or removing any seat. Beginning with the Zafira, Opel decides that interior flexibility should be an essential feature in the design of each of its cars.

Design Milestones - 1994 Tigra

1994 Tigra

The sporty coupé Opel Tigra makes its début. The Tigra is based on the concept car of the same name and built on the platform of the second generation Opel Corsa B. The Opel Tigra Twin Top wins Convertible of the year 2004 in Geneva.

Design Milestones - 1993 Corsa

1993 Corsa

In 1993 the Corsa B is unveiled, and quickly becomes one of Opel’s most successful models all around the world. Its stylish design and spacious interior combines perfectly with its economic performance.

Design Milestones - 1989 Calibra

1989 Calibra

Opel creates a frenzy at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989 with a pure, sleek design and a world-best drag coefficient of 0.26. Slim and beautiful, but also clever and roomy enough for four adults and their luggage. It blends beauty and functionality, a key to its great success, and of Opel’s in the following years.

Design Milestones - 1968 GT

1968 GT

Following the success of the Experimental GT, Opel decides to produce it, using the floor pan of the next generation of the Kadett. In 1968, the Opel GT became the first European concept car to hit full-scale production.

Design Milestones - 1966 Kadett B Coupe

1966 Kadett B Coupe

Inspired by the fastback models popular in the USA this car quickly became one of the most successful Opels in terms of sales. It was exported to 120 countries around the world including the USA.