Opel Innovation - Comfort and Convenience
Opel Innovation - FlexSpace®


The brilliantly clever seating system lets you completely change cabin configurations without having to remove any seats.

Find more space and flexibility
Opel  Innovation - Advanced Park Assist

Advanced Park Assist

Detects a suitable parking space and guides you into it.

Parking made safe and easy
Experience Opel - HMI & Infotainment


The display and the most important functions of your smartphone on the touchscreen of your car.

Car meets smartphone


The welcoming quality of the seats, the clear layout of the instruments, the multiple storage places – it all helps to make your trip more comfortable. But it’s not just the trim, it’s also the suspension and powertrain systems and overall ergonomics, in fact, it’s the care we take for every detail.

Opel Innovation - AGR

Relax your back in the Ergonomic AGR-Sport Seat

The Ergonomic Sports Seats have the best adjustment ranges in the industry, allowing drivers and passengers of all sizes to find their ideal seating position for a relaxed drive. The AGR association of doctors and therapists specializing in back pain has certified the seat.


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Heated steering wheel against cold fingers

Just hit the switch in the center console and it’s not long until the steering wheel gets your hands nice and warm no matter how cold it is outside. The heated steering wheel is available in combination with heated front seats.


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