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The first car with catalyst as standard in Germany, the first three-liter car in the world, the first diesel to comply with Euro 4 emission standards: we have always taken a leading role in caring for both your economy and the environment. The way ahead is not just the long-term development of alternative drive systems and sustainable concepts, but also the short-term and continuous reduction in fuel consumption and emissions in the present.


To achieve this goal, we provide environmentally friendly technologies such as the Start/Stop System, engine downsizing, and our extensive range of fuel-saving ecoFLEX models.

BlueInjection technology – same power by less emission

The BlueInjection system of the Zafira Tourer 1.6 CDTI diesel engine with 100 kW (136 hp) reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by up to 70%, meeting the Euro 6 standard before it becomes mandatory in 2015. It also optimizes engine performance and cuts combined fuel consumption to just 4.1 l/100 km with only 109 g/km CO2. The BlueInjection system uses a non-toxic odorless AdBlue® solution (also called DEF for ‘Diesel Exhaust Fluid’), which is stored in an auxiliary tank and injected into the exhaust gas, converting NOX in the catalytic converter into harmless water and nitrogen.


The result is the most efficient and cleanest diesel engine Opel has produced ever.

Maintenance-free Lean NOx Trap (LNT) technology

To achieve the necessary reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) to comply with coming Euro 6 regulations, the Meriva 1.6 CDTI uses the Lean NOx Trap technology. It features a special catalytic converter which stores the NOx particles like a sponge in the NOx trap. Once the capacity of the trap is reached, it is regenerated by additional injection of fuel in very small doses.


Save costs with fuel-saving ecoFLEX models

Sustainability has a long history at Opel. That’s why we are now able to offer lots of intelligent and innovative alternatives. You’ll find our ecoFLEX badge on the Opel models that offer the biggest fuel savings. In other words, these are vehicles with the lowest consumption and CO2-emissions in the carline.


You have the choice of four types of propulsion to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our comprehensive range of ecoFLEX models includes fuel-saving gasoline, diesel, combined petrol/LPG and natural gas propulsion.


Less is more: downsizing technology

The principle of downsizing is quite simple: you let a small engine do the work of a big engine. In practice, however, things can get complicated: making too great demands on an engine can soon wear it out. To avoid this effect, we will continue to apply the latest technology. For example, the variable valve timing and intake manifold of our ECOTEC® engines ensure high performance and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Our turbo-charged engines provide another clear demonstration of the principle of downsizing: friction-optimized valve trains, sodium-filled exhaust valves, shortened pistons and an overboost function raise performance and torque while lowering consumption and emissions.


Turning standstill into motion: the Start/Stop System

This highly efficient technology, which really comes into its own in urban areas and in stop-and-go traffic, works in a very simple way: in a traffic jam or at a red traffic light, the engine stops when you engage the neutral gear and release the clutch pedal. To move on, you just press the clutch pedal and engage a gear.


For safety and comfort reasons, the temperature control, power steering and brake booster remain active while the engine is off.

Brake energy recuperation

All engines with Start/Stop System also come with a special energy management system to recover the kinetic energy produced while coasting or braking, ensuring optimum charge status of the battery, which provides additional savings in fuel and emissions.

ecoFLEX Drive Assist

The ecoFLEX Drive Assist shows you exactly when to shift for maximum economy, but it also does more. It shows the equipment that is using the most energy together with the fuel consumption history for the previous 50 kilometers. For this it has three sub-menus that are shown in the central display between the instruments.


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