European FAQs


Here at Opel, we love hearing from our customers, so your comments and feedback are always welcome. Your question may be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions section, so have a browse.

Where can I find my nearest Opel dealership?

Please click here to locate your nearest Opel retailer.

How can I obtain a replacement Owner’s Manual for my vehicle?

These are available to order through any of our Opel retailers. Just speak to the Parts Department and they will order a replacement for you.

How often do I need to get my vehicle serviced?

Service intervals vary for each model of vehicle. The intervals for your own vehicle can be found in your Owner’s Manual/Service Booklet, which was provided with your car at the time of sale. If you are still unsure please contact any Opel retailer who will be happy to assist you.

My radio is locked how can I get it out of safe mode?

You will need to enter your radio’s security code, as instructed in your Infotainment Manual. This code can be found on the car pass provided with your vehicle at the time of sale. If you do not have the code, please refer to question 5 for further instructions.

How can I obtain my radio code?

The security code for the radio is there to prevent the unit being used if stolen. The code can be obtained by contacting an Opel retailer. They will ask you to verify your ownership of the vehicle from the registration documents. This ensures the security codes are not misused.

What should my correct tyre pressure be?

Tyre pressures vary for each model of vehicle. The pressures for your own vehicle can be found in your Owner’s Manual, which is part of the glove box literature provided with your car at the time of sale.

Where can I buy spare parts/accessories and how much do they cost?

Just speak to the Parts Department in any retailer and they will be able to help you. Additionally, we do offer an online service to purchase accessories directly from our web shop.

How will I know if my vehicle is affected by a safety recall?

We will send a letter to the registered keeper of the vehicle, requesting that the repair work is completed as quickly as is convenient. If you still have concerns your Opel retailer will be able to help in this matter.

How do I get in contact with you?

At Opel, we aim to provide you with an excellent customer experience. If this doesn't happen, we want you to let us know so we can try and fix it. If you're not happy with the way we've handled your issue and wish to complain further:

1. If your problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Managing Director of the dealership concerned.

2. In the unlikely event that you are still not happy with the answer your Opel Authorised Repairer has given, or the action proposed to correct the problem, you may contact the Customer Assistance Centre where the team will spare no effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can contact Customer Assistance via any of the following:

Using our Contact Us form

Telephone us on XXXXXXX